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Like seriously, why the hell are there no happy Erisol fics anymore?

What about Erisol screams ‘yes, lets kill off one character and watch the other suffer’? 

Not complaining just, why? It seems so prevalent for Erisol. I want more happy nerd babies in love fics, although I’ll definitely take the sad ones too.

#erisol #i want to tag this inkskratches #i really really do #gentlemancrow does great erisol fics though

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    i seriously think i’m going to write the only happy erisol fic because fuck u guys and killing them go away
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    im laughing because this is LITERALLY what me n my friend were talking about last night
  9. gentlemancrow said: I promise Eridan and Sollux will both make it to the end of The Heir Apparent alive :T <3
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